Eli Taylor

Directing his first music video at the age of 15, Eli Taylor-Lemire entered the media world blindly, with no connections, advice, or education in film. Hungry for success, he began connecting with artists in the Weschester County area, slowly working his way up in the size and quality of his clientel. In 2018, two years of intense filming and editing paid off, with Eli directing videos for ANoyd and Cashier Fresh, two popular artists in the Hip-hop scene. Eli also began shooting editorials for the LA Fashion Magazine, becoming an internationally published photographer and traveling to Mexico City to shoot Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In early 2019, Eli returned to Mexico to shoot well-known Electronic DJ duo, Fight Clvb, at EDC Mexico. Weeks later, he premiered a music video with established Hip-hop artist, Gerald Walker, on billboard.com. In May of 2019, a series of advertisements Eli directed and edited for Buddah Tek, a luxury video game company, were featured by Gamestop and retweeted by Fergie, Will.i.am, and Akon. Eli's primary focus lies on his newly launched production house, Uplink, and its expansion throughout New York City and Los Angeles.

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